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FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

How can I get the best convertible Exchange Rates?

Rates are displayed in every OUTLET. Kindly contact the Branch / Franchise for the best rates. Moreover, you can find the rates at the Website of the Company. Additionally please contact our Call Center to know the nearest branch as well as such query.(Call Center Free Toll No 080078655 & 65 )


What formalities I need to complete, if I am converting my USD or any Foreign Currency into Local Currency - PKR?
For an amount USD 2500 and above, National Identity Card, and your details (Address - Mobile Phone Number) are required. These are basic details which can be provided / filled within couple of minutes.


How can I send the money from abroad to Pakistan for home expenses? What could be the fastest and economical way?
The best way to transfer Home Remittance is through the International Remittance Company - Money Gram which has offices throughout the world. Their charges are nominal but it is fastest and secured. You can also enjoy the services of Regional Remittances Companies, .The money can be collected in TEN MINUTES from WALL STREET EXCHANGE BRANCH / FRANCHISE OFFICE.


I want to transfer some money abroad. For what purposes, I can send the money overseas? What would be the formalities?
Funds remitted abroad are for Education, Medical, Immigration (processing formalities) and for Personal Use / Family maintenance for family and children living abroad. Pleases contact the nearest Branch / Franchise Office of Wall Street Exchange to get the details. You simply need to fill the form plus provide the basic documents as formality to transfer funds abroad.


We have heard a lot now days, Money Laundering and Compliance. What does it precisely mean very briefly?
Money accumulated by Drug Trafficking, Arms Sales ,Ransom and other Illegal means and remitted abroad to accounts in Foreign Banks are Money Laundering.

This is Mandatory to prevent such remittances by means of Compliance of Rules and Policies of SBP , OFAC and United Nations Sanctions. Kindly note individual and the remitting company both could be liable for any transaction falling into the parameter of Money Laundering.


Is your Company an agent of any leading Remittance Company, especially if we want to remit money from the European or    American cities?
Wall Street Exchange is the Super-Agent of Money Gram with the service standard of providing the money within TEN MINUTES. Through MG agents worldwide you can transfer funds and receiv3e from the counter s of WSE Branches /Franchises/Payments Booths. We also have arrangements with ARY,ICTC, and Choice Money Transfer. The best way to transfer money from European and American cities could be International Money Gram.


Is Demand Draft stills a valid way of transferring funds?
Yes, Demand Draft is still a very valid product, but now a days more swift methods are being used by the remitters, as they are secured, fast and also reasonably economical.


In case our transaction gets stuck, can we lodge a complaint, and the Company will respond quickly and effectively?
In case any such incident rarely happens, complaint can be lodged through the Call Center, direct in the Branch, or through the Website E mail facility. On the severity of the issue, the response will be made, but we can assure our valued customers that their complaint will be handled to the complete satisfaction within a reasonable time frame.


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