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Telegraphic Transfer

We provide the service of Outward Telegraph Transfer as per scheduled of charges Telegraph
Transfers enable to send money to any overseas bank account.

Advantages of a Telegraphic Transfer:
  • In any major currency for permissible amount.
  • A fast and accurate way to transfer funds abroad.
  • A secure way of remitting funds of substantial amounts payable to a specific bank Account.
  • We offer fast and convenient payments.
Electronic Transfer:
Electronic transfer facility is provided to those customer who intends to transfer money immediately
through our channel.

Channels through which electronic transfer is done are;
  • ARY Speed Remit
  • MoneyGram
Advantages of an Electronic Transfer:
  • A fast and accurate way to transfer funds anywhere in the world (except OFAC list) in just 10 Minutes.
  • A secure way of remitting funds payable to a beneficiary anywhere in the world (except OFAC list) in their local Currency as per permission granted by SBP from time to time..
Processing of Electronic Transfer;
  • Inquire what amount of money customer intends to send.
  • Valid Id is asked from remitter (passport number, driving license and CNIC are consider to be the valid id)
  • Name of country where the amount is to be sent.
  • In case of electronic transfer through our channels we can send only to individuals for personal use.(Trade related Transfers not allowed).
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